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Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals (SPECT)

Brain Imaging

Neurolite® Injection Daiichi (*) Neurolite® Daiichi (*) Iofetamine (123I) Injection Daiichi(PDF:69KB)
Ultra-Teckne Kow®(PDF:74KB)

* available in Japan only

Thyroid Function Test


Heart Imaging

Cardiolite® Injection Daiichi (*) Cardiolite® Daiichi (*) Techne® Albumin Kit (*)
Techne® Pyrophosphate Kit(PDF:115KB) MyoMIBG-I123 Injection (Pre-filled syringe type)(PDF:46KB) Thallium Chloride-Tl201 Injection (Pre-filled syringe type)(PDF:68KB)
Thallium Chloride-Tl201 Injection (vial type)(PDF:66KB)

* available in Japan only

Malignant Tumor & Adrenal Imaging

Bone Imaging

Lung Imaging

Techne® MAA ®Kit (*)

* available in Japan only

Liver Imaging

Kidney Imaging

Techne® MAG3 Injection (*) Techne® MAG3 Kit (*) Techne® DTPA Kit(PDF:37KB)
Techne® DMSA Kit(PDF:33KB)

* available in Japan only

Diagnostic Radiopharmaceuticals (PET)

Cancer imaging agent

Fludeoxyglucose (18F) Injection FRI

Therapeutic Radiopharmaceuticals

Radioimmunotherapy of non-Hodgkin's Iymphoma

Zevalin® indium (111In) injection (*) Zevalin® yttrium (90Y) injection (*)

* available in Japan only

Contrast Media

Non-ionic X-ray Contrast Medium

Iopromide Injection FRI(*)

* available in Japan only

Liver Function Imaging

Resovist® Inj. (*)

* available in Japan only

Diagnostic Aid

Heart Imaging

ADENOSINE Injection Syringe FRI

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Operating company that leads the Fujifilm Group's imaging and information solutions.

Drug discovery company that leads Fujifilm Group's pharmaceutical products field.

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