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[Photo]We will apply the accumulated fruits of our R&D efforts to enable people to enjoy lives brimming with vitality.

Diagnosis of diseases and tissue function becomes possible when images or graphs are created using gamma rays emitted from a given isotope, which is combined with some compound accumulated in specific organs. These tests, known as nuclear medicine tests or RI tests, include SPECT and PET scans which use different radiopharmaceuticals.

Targeted cells such as tumors can be destroyed by beta rays emitted from a given radioisotope, which is combined with a compound accumulated in specific organs. This method is called radiotherapy in general. When a radioisotope is introduced into a body, it is also called oral radioisotope therapy.

Contrast media are used to get high contrast images or to enhance the images of specific tissues.

Pharmaceuticals for Diagnostic Aid are used to emphasize the difference compared to the condition at rest on the performing of diagnostic imaging using the method of increasing blood flow amount etc.​



Group Synergy

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Operating company that leads the Fujifilm Group's imaging and information solutions.

Drug discovery company that leads Fujifilm Group's pharmaceutical products field.

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